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Topic: 7 dec 1941: the air force story
started by: David Aiken

Posted by David Aiken on Feb. 08 2002,9:51
Aloha All,
The book: 7 DEC 1941: THE AIR FORCE STORY by Leatrice Arakaki and John Kuborn [Hickam AFB, HI: Pacific Air Forces Office of History; 1991, reprinted: Washington DC: GPO; 1992, 2000] is now "on line" at:
< >

You may also obtain a hard copy from your local Government Printing Office by noting the following order numbers:
GPO: 0-16-035993-7 s/n 008-070-00664-2

This volume has the serial numbers of most of the aircraft at Hickam Field on 7 Dec 1941, complete crew roster and aircraft serials for the B-17 shipment thru Hawaii that morning, a roster of KIA, WIA for Civilians on military bases, US Army, and USAAF personnel, and much more.

A few errors have been determined in the ten years since it came out.

Posted by James D Smith on Jul. 16 2003,3:20
Fantastic! Just the kind of information I was looking for! Information has been scarce on the airfields.

Thanks again!
Posted by David Aiken on Oct. 28 2003,8:02
Aloha All,
In his first post, John C asked, "In the USAF Story listing/roster of the B17 crews, which are the co-pilots and navigators?"

For our many readers, we try to keep the topic together with the book for ease in reading...thus this seeming duplication.

In the orders which I sent to Leatrice, the officer positions were given in order of pilot, copilot, bombardier, and navigator. Aboard with two crews were a weatherman and a medical officer...these were: 1Lt EA Luke and 1Lt Wm R Schick.

You will note many 'aviation cadets' in some of these positions! That is fact. For the reason that those in the navigator position were new graduates, each plane was to fly solo. The aviation cadet navigators were given the task to do their job while each pilot did separate "dead reckoning" navigation and -at the final moment- turned on their RDF to home in on Oahu...thus there was no joint flight as some texts suggest, but a dozen planes flying solo.

Hope this helps,

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