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Topic: The anniversary of the death of Yamamoto,Isoroku.
started by: Masahiro Washio

Posted by Masahiro Washio on Apr. 17 2001,11:04
April 18 1943.
Yamamoto's Betty was shot down by P-38.

A Japanese code was decoded by America.
America did the revenge of Pearl Harbor.

But, American revenge wasn't finished.
125 of B-29 bombed Yamamoto's born place "Nagaoka-shi,Niigata-ken" on Aug 1 1945.

Nagaoka-shi was the small city of the country.
Population was only 40000 people.
The bomb of the world maximum fell in the population ratio into the small city.
85% of the residences burned,and more 1600 civilians died.
The house where Yamamoto was born burned, too.

April 18, 1999 two years ago.
Isoroku Yamamoto memorial hall opened.
The Broken piece of Betty is displayed.



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