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Topic: Japanese sub sunk off Oahu 7/10/41
started by: Ron Wildeman

Posted by Ron Wildeman on May 05 2001,11:01
Just 3 days after the attack on Pearl harbor a Japanese I-boat sub (I-70) was sunk apparently sunk somewhere off Oahu. Did this sub have an historical part to play in the attack? and if so has there been any discussion to try to find and photograph the wreck?
Posted by Larry Jewell on May 05 2001,6:38
According to the official Navy chronology:

Dec. 10:
       Japanese vessels sunk:
              Submarine I-170, by carrier-based aircraft,  Hawaiian  Islands area,  
                      23 d. 45' N., 155 d. 35' W.  

That would put her something like 100 miles northeast of Oahu.  DEEP water (keep in mind I'm no QM.)  Mr. Ballard is welcome to her.

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