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Topic: Men trapped below decks on West Virginia
started by: Dan Johnson

Posted by Dan Johnson on May 28 2001,6:20
The story that has always stuck with me regarding Pearl Harbor is that of the men trapped below on the West Virginia, in particular those that were still marking the days on 12/23.

In the book Descent into Darkness, the salvage diver is specific that it was three men that were found in the airtight compartment where the December 23rd date was marked.  

Has anyone ever identified these men?  I can't imagine the horror of what they went through. At the same time I would love to know more about who they were and what their lives had been like prior to Pearl Harbor

Posted by David Aiken on May 20 2003,8:59
Aloha Dan,
The three men are identified and more is to come on this topic by Roger Hare, son of a West Virginia survivor and author. A post by him is on this topic of:  < trapped sailors on West Virginia >
Hope this helps,
David Aiken

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