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Topic: Japanese version of pearl harbor
started by: Mike G

Posted by Mike G on Feb. 26 2002,11:48
As a continuing part of my project, it was mentioned to me that the Japanese version of Pearl Harbor was significantly different to the US release. I actually saw this film in Japan and as far as I was concerned, the only change was the final sentence which was that, in the US version, it said there was nothing but certain victory in the minds of the US citizens whereas in the Japanese version it said there was "A chance". Any more takers?
Posted by David Aiken on Feb. 26 2002,1:37
Aloha Mike G,
As moderator at < >, I am fed a host of pieces of information by the studio and movie critics. One sent to me a year or so ago was a list of the differences between the US and Japanese releases of PEARL HARBOR. While the topic came up for discussion at that web site, the list I got was dumped in a housecleaning effort from my computer. I can get you in contact with some connections "off line".
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