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Topic: Pearl Harbor the movie
started by: Kate

Posted by Kate on Jun. 28 2001,10:05
Hi I just wanted to know what you all thought of the new Pearl Harbor movie?
Posted by Kate on Jun. 29 2001,11:11
Hi! Thanks for the nice welcome! I thought the movie was very good. Before I saw this movie I did not know much about PH, But now I now more and I still want to find out more!:) I saw it 3 times.
Posted by Fortress on Jun. 30 2001,3:54
Hello Kate, and welcome to the board,
    It's very exciting to me to see young people  becoming interested in Pearl Harbor.  I hope you continue to study the subject and read as much as you can about Pearl Harbor and the men and women who lived through this time.  It's very important that we not forget their sacrifices.

Posted by TMARSHALL on Sep. 03 2002,5:52
Hello All,
   Just out of curiosity did any one ells see the Arizona Mamorial in the new movie? If you didnt I'll tell you were to look.
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