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Topic: Sub contacts before Dec 7
started by: Ken Hackler

Posted by Ken Hackler on Dec. 06 2003,11:56
Here's a post I made some time back in another topic area that pertains to the midget submarine operations. With the renewed interest in the midget submarines generated by the discovery of Midget A, and the television show on The History Channel ('Deep Sea Detectives', Sunday, December 7, 2003), it is a good time to review what some people have discussed over the years concerning the midgets.

Kimmel and his staff pointed to the "many" previous submarine contacts as a possible explanation for the delays that morning in reacting to the USS Ward's messages.  I used to accept this, but dug into the actual contact reports a bit further for another reason.  When I did, I found that the "many" contacts were really "few," and more importantly, were much closer to the date of the attack.  My view now is that Kimmel and his staff should have taken the reports much more seriously than they did.  I still also believe that Kimmel was largely blamed for things well beyond his knowledge or control, and was simply at the wrong place and time in history.

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Posted by Tracy White on Jul. 23 2005,12:37
Ken's link is not working but I believe he was linking to < this thread >.
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