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Topic: Midget subs in the harbor
started by: egar

Posted by egar on Jan. 06 2004,10:57
is it generally excepted that a midget sub did get in the harbor
and sink one of the battleships?
Posted by Ken Hackler on Jan. 06 2004,11:55
It is not accepted by anyone other than a few people who now have too much at stake in that theory to back away from it in the face of fact.

A close examination of the facts prove that a second midget submarine never entered the harbor, and certainly never approached Battleship Row.

There is a lengthy discussion of this topic in the "Rumors" section if you are interested.
Posted by Tracy White on Jan. 06 2004,2:08
I want this rumor dead too so < here's the direct link >.

"A" midget did get into the harbor. It is the one sunk by Curtiss and Monaghan on the WEST side of Ford island; the opposite side of battleship row. All the other midgets and their torpedos have been accounted for, so like Ken said, it is a belief championed by people who are not willing to do the right thing and admit they are wrong.

Ken's the man when it comes to the midgets =)

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