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Topic: Info on Az's Richard Valente
started by: trimfixer

Posted by trimfixer on Dec. 06 2004,12:07
I am asking if anyone may have served with my Uncle, Richard Valente on the USS Arizona. He was lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Rich was the youngest brother to my Mother and had 12 brothers and sisters.I was not yet born on that terrible day, but would appreciate any information from any shipmates that may have known him.
Thank you
Posted by Brian OConnor on Dec. 06 2004,7:01
After a quick check, I found that Richard Valente was a Gunner's Mate, Third Class.   He was from California, which you probably already knew.   As a GM3, he would have been assigned to the one of the divisions within Deck Department.   Finding out which division will help determine what parts of the ship and/or guns he worked on, so that is something we need to locate.   You might check with family members who might have kept any letters from Richard, or other family documents.   I will see what else I can find through my sources and post it here.
Good Luck and Best Regards,
Posted by Tracy White on Dec. 07 2004,11:47
Steve, in the gmec in the title, is that a mistyping of GM3c or another term I'm not familiar with?
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