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Topic: What should i not miss in visting pearl harbor?
started by: jayfoster

Posted by jayfoster on Jan. 05 2002,1:31
Hi everyone,

I'm coming to Hawaii soon and staying on Oahu.  I'm really looking forward to my visit to Pearl Harbor.  What should I not miss?  Any "inside" tips?

Also, I have a suggestion for this part of the board.  Can we ask about hotels?  If so, what are some safe, family-oriented hotels that are not going to break my wallet?  I'm looking at the Ohana Tower or the Queen Kapiolani (forgive my spelling).  I want to be close to the beach (not on it as I know the price goes up drastically).  This hotel is close to the beach but the prices I'm getting seem too good to be true.  Any suggestions?
Posted by Larry Jewell on Jan. 05 2002,9:14
Don't miss the submarine!  The local hotels will have all kinds of brochures on attractions around the island, be sure to grab a handful while you're in the lobby.

I think it's okay to share experiences about accommodations at Oahu.  I would strongly suggest that people who wish to recommend a particular establishment post links to such hotels rather than posting 10-12 large photos of the great view from the balconies.  We rely on the posters' restraint to make this Board a pleasant place for all visitors while staying within the mission of the Board.  Thanks.
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