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Topic: Wanted: u.s.s arizona yearbook 1935-1941
started by: jji

Posted by jji on Aug. 18 2002,12:25
Hello Anyone, my name is James Joseph Irvin I am 30 years old. My Great Grandfather served on the U.S.S. Arizona for a number of years. His name was Harry Joseph Ray, he was killed on Dec 7, he is still entombed within the Arizona. I have just a few papers that were given to me of my grandads.
I have been desperately searching for a yearbook from the Arizona dated between 1935 and 1941, I know that somewhere, someone has got to have one, it would mean so much to find one. If anyone could help please email me
    Thank you...James
Posted by David Aiken on Aug. 19 2002,8:56
Aloha James,
If found, it might help your cause to obtain a copy rather than an original as others might treasure their copy just as well. If so, it would it be best to obtain a "Kodak Picture Maker" color photo of each page [$5-$7 per page], but a "Xerox" might suit you just as well. Your call!
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