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Topic: Removin ships from harbor?
started by: Joanna H.

Posted by Joanna H. on Jun. 18 2003,11:39
I have recently heard from my brother, who is stationed on the USS George Washington, that the US Navy is planning on removing the ships from the water at Pearl Harbor.  Does anyone know if this is actually true and/or when it will take place?

Thank you.
Joanna Hooper
Posted by Tracy White on Jun. 18 2003,11:58
What ships is he referring to? Sunk ships? Ships based there on active duty?

There are no plans to remove the Arizona or Utah.

I believe that some of the LST's that sunk in the "< West Loch Disaster >" of 1944 are still present and may be what he's referring to.

Sometimes the Navy stores an old ship in the harbor before a SINKEX (excercise in which the ship is targetted and fired upon until it sinks to give crews live fire practice with their weapons). There are some in mothballs there as well. Perhaps this is what he's referring to.

More information from him would help, but I understand how scuttlebutt can be.
Posted by Joanna H. on Jun. 18 2003,4:15
He said that they plan on removing all the sunken ships from the harbor, including the Arizona, the Oklahoma, and the Utah because they pose a threat to active duty ships.  

Joanna Hooper
Posted by Brian OConnor on Jun. 18 2003,10:14
Before anyone "goes off the handle" over this . . .   It sounds like "rumor control central" has lost control.   I personally find it extremely doubtful that such actions would even be considered, as the public outcry would be overwhelming.   As a National Memorial, within a National Historic Landmark, removing the wrecks from "Pearl" would be akin to filling in the part of the Grand Canyon because "it just takes up too much space".
But, to properly address the question, I would recommend contacting either or both, the Public Affairs Office, Naval Base Pearl Harbor, and the USS Arizona Memorial, National Park Service.   I'm sure that they have an answer for you.
Posted by Tracy White on Jun. 18 2003,10:52
I'd add that the sunken ships pose a threat to current ships the same way the shore does. Both wrecks are well known to local pilots and well charted, and suggesting that the Arizona be removed would be political suicide for any government that attempted it. There was a debate on whether Arizona should be "saved" or left to fall apart gracefully and opinons were many and heartfelt on both sides.
Posted by Joanna H. on Jun. 19 2003,4:02
Thank you.  I'll contact both offices.  It seemed doubtful, but I just wanted to make sure.

Joanna Hooper
Posted by Brian OConnor on Jul. 07 2003,10:50
Joanna,   Please fill us in on your results if you do get the chance to contact "Pearl".   Now that we're all spun up; we'd like to know what the truth of the matter is.

Thank You.
Posted by Jon Burdett on Jul. 30 2003,8:43
Hi all,

I suspect this topic got started as of a mis-understanding of the removal aspect.......It may be the result of plans to remove the oil within the ships.  The OKLAHOMA is of course NOT in the harbor as most of us know.  The ARIZONA leaks about a quart a day, I have heard, but I'm not aware of any leakage from UTAH.  Those LSTs in West Loch may or may not pose a hazard I suppose depending what may be on them.
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