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Topic: Intersting photos of pearl harbor in 1944
started by: mmarland

Posted by mmarland on Mar. 23 2004,4:18
I came across this site, and it has some interesting photos of Pearl Harbor in 1944. I count no less than 7 Aircraft carriers in the harbor. So amazing how busy the harbor is. One photo appears to be the Saratoga.

Mike Marland

< Link to 1944 Photos of Pearl Harbor >
Posted by David Aiken on Mar. 23 2004,9:36
Excellent 'find', Mike,
In 1995, Autometric with Cinecom released a CD disk "Fighting Ships of Pearl Harbor" and used this panorama as one of the features, yet there was no access where one could really study the panorama that was monies ill spent. This is much better! Mahalo!

Burl Burlingame, author and Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter, sent a note today about this 'find':

"Mrs. Waldron contacted me several years ago about her late husband's archives. I suggested that she give them to the Hawaii War Records Repository, which she did. But when I spotted those panoramic photos of pearl harbor taken from the crane tower, I linked them together electronically and created the QTVR panorama. The original story and VR can be found at: < Honolulu Star-Bulletin > In the VR mode, you can put your cursor inside the image and look around. The "retouching" mentioned was electronically overlapping the images, making them seamless and cropping out most of the sky. Of course, this is using modern technology to reexamine old evidence ... yikes. The folks at SMML identified all the ships and even gave an approximate date, which I believe was in Feb. 1944."

The Autometric folk included the QTVR panorama rather than individual photos...I shall try again to 'work' the panorama on the CD, Burl!

Posted by Tracy White on Mar. 24 2004,12:40
I think that's CV-6 Enterprise on the East side of Ford Island too!

Pearl definately has changed!
Posted by Jim Adams on Apr. 17 2004,9:39
In 1992-93 John Kroll and I were working at the Arizona Memorial as photo archivists - we were working on a photo collection from the 14th Naval District that was over 20,000 images from the late 19th cent. to the end of WWII.  We found in the collection these photos that formed the panorama.  We identified the pictures in the panaroma as being the last time the 5th Fleet was together in Pearl Harbor.  The date was Jan. 16, 1944.  On that day the 5th Fleet, which totalled 297 ships was leaving Pearl Harbor for the attack on the Marshall Islands.  After that the fleet was forward based in the Pacific.  The photos were probably taken by a photographer named Tai Sing Loo, who was a local photographer contracted by the Navy that took most of the photos in Pearl Harbor before and during the war.  He was a local Chinese.

Steve Floray was the museum curator at the Arizona Memorial at the time.  An Air Force photo lab at Hickman AFB was doing  a lot of photo restoration for us at the time.  They enlarged these photos for us and we framed them as a display in the museum.  Later the display was given to the Navy and put on display in one of the headquarters buildings at Pearl Harbor.  This was well before the photos were used by any one else in the book or CD.
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