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Topic: Any results from nov  scientific survey in ariz
started by: jcr

Posted by jcr on Mar. 17 2005,7:03
Just curious if anyone has heard anything.

Thanks, Jon Ryckert
Posted by Richard Macchia on Mar. 18 2005,2:39
Hello Jon:

   I have not heard or seen anything in the way of a followup to the recent study.  I have been checking the project website on a daily basis hoping for some further information on their findings.

   They never gave any indications of how long it would take to digest their findings and prepare a report for distribution.

    I have a copy of the original study that was performed, but that was not without a small monetary cost. I also periodically check the Arizona Memorial bookstore website to see if they have anything on the study.

    The next course of action may be to contact the NPS directly in the hopes of learning some new information.
Posted by Jim Adams on Mar. 19 2005,5:52
This is a multiple year research project started around 1990.  It has a ways to go before there could be a final report.  The best thing is to refer to their web site  I believe the team was back in Hawaii since November.

Jim Adams
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