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Topic: Question on this photo of USS Missouri
started by: mmarland

Posted by mmarland on Jul. 28 2005,11:14
I was viewing the USS Missouri homepage and saw this image on their site. Can anyone identify the wreckage in the front. Is this part of the Arizona or part of the salvage equipment from the Oklahoma


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Posted by Chris Johnson on Jul. 28 2005,2:41

What a great photo find. This is not part of the Arizona for it is too far south of where the Arizona lies. And none of her wreckage lies, or was along the shore line like this.

The spot in question (from looking at where the Missouri's turret is in relation to the quay at the end of the peir) would have been just about where the stern of the Tennessee would have been with the West Virginia being on her port side. As far as being part of equipment from the Oklahoma's salvage....I'm not 100% certain. I do know that none of the 21 winches used in righting the ship were  in this location though.

On one of my trips to Hawaii in 2001, I spent nearly eight hours on Ford Island by myself walking among the buildings and combing up and down the shorelines. I did photograph this piece of wreckage a couple times, and can send you a different photo if you woule like. It sits in the water right along the shore line about 8 feet from the back left side of the quay. The quay in the picture would have been the one that the Tennessee's bow would have been tied to, where the one that her stren would have been tied to, is just out of site with this wreckage right close by.

Hope this helps somewhat. I hope someone else might have a positive identification as to what it might be.


Posted by Brian OConnor on Jul. 28 2005,6:56
My understanding is that the wreckage is from OKLAHOMA.   It was recovered when the site for MISSOURI was being dredged for depth clearance.   Since it could not be relocated to OKLAHOMA's berth as that was where MISSOURI was going, it was deposited there.   I believe that the wreckage was part of her superstructure, and that there is part of her tripod masts in the area too.
Posted by Tracy White on Jul. 28 2005,7:37
This wreckage was also < discussed here before > albeit it appears that things have either changed or that photo was at an extremely low tide.
Posted by Chris Johnson on Jul. 29 2005,10:13
I guess from my understanding that the remains of the Oklahoma were placed just off the south end of Ford Island which are photographed and discussed in Col. Charles Jones book "Hawaii's World War II Military Sites: A Comprehensive Guide focusing on O'ahu"


Posted by Brian OConnor on Mar. 15 2006,11:12
Upon re-reading this post, I recalled reading something in the Submerged Cultural Resources Study.  In 1988, during Project SeaMark-Pearl Harbor, we found a sunk barge near F-6-N.  This wreckage may very well be it, dragged into the shallows during the clearing and dredging operations for MISSOURI.
I was not on that particular dive, so I didn't recall the wreckage find when this was first posted, Sorry.

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