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started by: eastwindrain

Posted by eastwindrain on Sep. 09 2001,7:30
Today I interviewed a PH Survivor here in Maine at Brunswick NAS. He was one of Ensign Sakamaki's guards. He said, "We welded the door of his cell in the brig (at Ft. Shafter) shut so there was no way he could escape. Food was passed in through a slot in the door."
Posted by Angie on Sep. 11 2001,8:21
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Posted by Ken Hackler on Sep. 12 2001,9:45

I've interviewed a great many PH survivors, and have spent quite a bit of time studying Sakamaki and his story. I'd take what you heard with a huge grain of salt.

For the record, Sakamaki was only held at Ft Shafter for a very brief time before being moved to Sand Island.

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