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Aloha All,
In searching for more info on the types of Army and Navy radar on Oahu, I found much in a book by David K Allison: NEW EYE FOR THE NAVY, The Origin of Radar at the Naval Research Laboratory [Washington DC: NRL Report 8466; Govt Printing Office].

The volume lists that, as of 18 Dec 1941:
CXAM: six delivered six installed
CXAM-1: fourteen delivered thirteen installed
FA: ten delivered nine installed
FC: 49 delivered 21 installed [schedule of installation 21 per week]
SC: 48 delivered 27 installed [schedule 14 per week]

Of these Navy radars, the book RADAR IN WORLD WAR II by Henri E Guerlac had more info:

Of the six CXAM:
USS California
USS Pensacola
USS Chester
USS Chicago
USS Yorktown

of the fourteen CXAM-1
USS Texas
USS Pennsylvania
USS West Virginia
USS North Carolina
USS Washington
USS Augusta
USS Lexington
USS Saratoga
USS Ranger
USS Enterprise
USS Wasp
USS Curtiss
USS Albermarle
USS Cincinnati

The USS California, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Curtiss were in the harbor, but their radars were not in operation in the harbor.

The USS Enterprise, Chester, and Northampton were 200 miles west of Oahu. I have yet to determine what their radar's viewed. The late Brad Williams, the US Navy's first regularly assigned radar officer (May 1940), the person in charge of the Enterprise radar, did not respond to this question prior to his death. He was more interested in relating to me that, in May 1941, sixteen members of the Army's "Aircraft Warning Company #1" came aboard Enterprise for two weeks training. Who were they?

Of interest, the USS California's radar was CXAM serial number one. Just after the attack it removed from the ship and installed for US Army use, then in the summer of 1942 was installed on USS Hornet which was lost at Guadalcanal.

There was another type of Army radar -than the SCR-270b- on Oahu. This was used to help control AA guns. These were operational, but none were in operation until after the attack.

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