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PostIcon Posted on: Dec. 30 2001,10:06  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE

I'm posting a map taken from MacArthur's Reports which shows the approximate track of the Kido Butai to and from Hawaii.

There are two versions of this map, one which shows the tracks of the USN carriers Lexington and Enterprise.   The other shows the last reported position and projected path of the Shiraya, a tanker assigned to the Midway Bombardment Group.  As a non-combatant she was directed to stay at least 800 miles from Midway.  Please note that Shiraya's information is taken from the message Stinnett places so much value in.  I guess he thinks a Japanese ship east of Wake (the point where she turns east) was a clear "red flag" for something or other.

Both chart additions are courtesy of Chas. Hague, and much indebted to him I am.

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First, the ship's name was the Shiriya not Shiraya.

Secondly, the tanker Shiriya departed from Yokosuka not Hitokappu Bay as illustrated on the map. The DD's of DesDiv 7 which comprised the Midway Bombardment Group also departed from Yokosuka and were not part of the Kido Butai. I assume the alleged track of the Shiriya was added by your friend.

Next, there were only two messages decrypted and translated in 1945-46 - SRN 115375 and SRN 115398 Archives II, College Park, Md. There was nothing about any distance from Midway in either one.  SRN 115375 mentioned joining up [with the DD's] on 27 November 1941. SRN 115398 said, "This ship is proceeding direct to position 30-00 North, 154-30 E.  Expect to arrive that point at 1800 on 3 December. Thereafter will proceed Eastward along the 30 degree North Latitude line at Speed 7 knots."

As you can see there is little here to show an intent to attack Pearl Harbor. Stinnett claims that these messages were only "transcribed" at that time instead of "translated." However, the term "trans" was also used throughout the war to denote translated so Stinnett is wrong again in misleading his readers to achieve his revisionist conspiracy theory agenda.
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