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[B]My father participated in the assault on Normandy Beach (overlord period.) I wish to find more information about the USS LST 572 -USS LST 1129-Uss Lst 1050. I know very little about his service. I received his records from the Records Center but it tells me littlt about these vessels. My father's vessel went down in the English Channel on D-Day. He stayed in the water for a long time before rescued My father's name Ealon A. Stover #9659937  ATB Camp Bradford Norfolk, Va. Commanding officer J.N. Kincanon. How can I find out more about these vessels?  Thanks!
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Aloha Mr Nlsc [we use real names here],
Normandy Beach is far away from Hawaii, but the same challenge is your search for a ship's history...the next step is to write the Ship's History section of the Naval Historical Center, 9th and M St SE, Washington Navy Yard 20374. Alas, actual visitation [the best results] is currently closed due to the 911 situation. Be aware that transfer of some data has been to the National Archves and Records Administration, Archives II, College Park, MD.


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