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PostIcon Posted on: Dec. 09 2001,12:28   Ignore posts   QUOTE

While stationed at Pearl Harbor as a Navy Diver, I had the tremendous privilage of being able to participate in the underwater survey work on the ARIZONA, UTAH, and select areas of the harbor.  I also worked on a daily basis diving on many of the modern units of the Pacific Fleet.   Once in a while, while waiting for ships to be ready for our dive team to go to work, I would do short, breathhold dives to the bottom areas near the piers.  These dives would occasionally yield treasures out of the mud.  I've now got a "sixpack" of old Coca-cola bottles, marked "Honolulu,TH" (the TH means Territory of Hawaii, i.e. before Hawaii became a state).  I also found a couple of the 1940's style "handleless" coffee mugs; and some old milk and cream bottles from long gone Hawaiian dairies.
It's not surprising how these items can bring back the memories of those days of diving and the years before when the items found their way to the bottom of Pearl Harbor.


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