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PostIcon Posted on: May 27 2004,9:42  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE

Does anyone know of the Purple Heart being awarded to anyone who was at Pearl Harbor 7 Dec. 1941 for being shell shocked which was later named concussion. My uncle Clarence L. Moore who was on board the West Virginia during the attack was denied the award since he could not find any of his shipmates who witnessed what happened to him. The Navy says there is nothing in his file to warrant the award even though they gave him a medical discharge before the war was over and gave him disabilty compensation for his condition. I am being stonewalled by the Navy Dept. in getting a copy of his records. It took two years to get a reply from them and they sent me the award that another sailor was entitled to. This tells me there are some incompetent people handling these inquireis. He is now deceased but I promised him I would stick with this until I get a straight answer from the Navy. I am working through my congressmen but they just report what they are told and have not been much help.
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Well, I've never heard of shell shock being used to describe a concussion; it generally meant a shock to the senses, a psychological condition. Purple hearts would not be awarded for shell shock by that definition as it was not viewed as a wound. A concussion might be another matter, but only if were properly diagnosed and noted in his records.

Have you tried getting your uncle's DD215? Not sure if that's the records you went for or not.

Let's see what this does...

Tracy White
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