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i'm new to forums, and don't know what all the buttons do.  I was at the Nevada Memorial Dec 7, for a very wonderful ceremony.  Is the memorial on the EAST side of the channel ( I think it is) and did Nevada beach on the WEST side? map posted elsewhere shows hospital point, which I believe was renamed Nevada point.  I have digital pics if you like from that day email or    thank you veterans for the country myself and my children have grown up in, with freedom to the fullest
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Aloha Jim,
The USS Nevada nosed onto the shoreline just west of the floating drydock [where USS Shaw was burning] and just east of the US Navy Hospital [called Hospital Point]. The current outbound down the channel carried the aft portion of Nevada on toward the channel entrance so that, at the point the USS Shaw exploded, the Nevada was pointed in the direction from whence she came.

Later after the attack, tugs dislodged Nevada from the "Hospital Point" area and backed her onto the tip of shoreline across the entrance channel from Hospital Point [to be called "Nevada Point"] where she finally sunk to the main deck.

Ernie Arroyo adds, "Nevada remained aground at what is now known as 'Nevada Point until the morning of February 18, 1942. At 0826 with the assistance of the following Navy tugs Keosanqua, Hoga, Osceola, YT-5 and civilian tug Mahoe, she was moved to Drydock Two and reached correct position at 1055 for the unwatering of the dock. When temporary repairs were completed the ship sailed for the West Coast for complete repairs and overhaul at 1242 on April 22, 1942."

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