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PostIcon Posted on: Nov. 05 2002,10:23  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE

;) I'm glad they made the movie 'Pearl Harbor'. Ā As a lot of you have pointed out, some of the movie is fictional. Ā The one thing I have seen that this movie has caused is a new awareness of World War II. Ā Seems like a war is fought and before we know it, the war is simply forgotten by most, except the ones whose lives are touched personally. Ā I am grateful they made this movie, if for no other reason than to see all of the questions and concerns on World War II and to know my father did not fight in vain. Ā Thanks gang!!!!! Bobbie
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Human's are very adaptable, and that means that we assume our current situation is "natural" and big events like wars can be soon forgotten.

I build plastic models and there's a joke about "accuracy police" which are people who can look at a beautiful model and start ticking off things the builder did "wrong." I've been a member of the accuracy police before, particularly when it comes to restored aircraft. I remember commenting that the Chino Air museum had put the wrong type of flap on their F4U corsair during restoration.

On one hand, yeah, they hadn't restored it to a 100% accurate representation. On the other, they had a living, breathing radial-engined WWII fighter they could fly around so that people could appreciate more what our aviators in WWII went through. Things like whether the F4U-1 had a step in the flap or if Japanese pilots waved at schoolkids playing on a ballfield as they flew to attack the fleet don't matter to the general public.

It drives me nuts personally to watch it, but I try and keep in mind that it presents a visual image of the horrors to war and some background to a population who otherwise wouldn't care to learn. Even if only one person gains an interest, that's one more person than there was before.

Let's see what this does...

Tracy White
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