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This is the link to the Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC. It has the best collection of photographs online. They have a section devoted to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Naval Historical Center Online Images

There are five known surviving Type A midgets in the world. Here are a few links for those five:

One is in New London, Connecticut at the Submarine Force Museum. She is the HA-8, recovered from shallow water off Guadalcanal where she'd been scuttled by the retreating Japanese.

    NHC Photo NH-97250

    NHC Photo NH-42364

    Historic Naval Ships Association Link

The second midget in the United Stated is known as "Midget C" to those who study the attack on Pearl Harbor. This is the only boat to survive and be captured intact during the Japanese attack on Oahu in December 1941. She was found on an Oahu beach near Bellows Field on the morning of December 8, 1941. Her hull number is HA-19, and she is on display at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredicksburg, Texas.

    NHC Photo NH-91331

    NHC Photo NH-47036

    Historic Naval Ships Association Link

    National Museum of the Pacific War Link

The third is displayed in front of the enlisted barracks at the Naval Station on Guam. This boat was found abandoned late in the war as U.S. forces recaptured the Mariannas. The 1944 photographs show the number "51" painted on the sail (what some might call a conning tower), meaning that this boat may be the HA-51. She has been on outside display on Guam since 1944, and has never been preserved or maintained well. The boat is now in poor condition, and should probably be relocated to Hawaii where it can be properly preserved, and possibly placed on display near the USS Bowfin Museum. That way millions of people could have access each year.

    NHC Photo 80-G-327882

    NHC Photo NH-81008

Midget D, another Pearl Harbor veteran, was recovered off Oahu in 1960. She was returned to Japan in 1961. After a new forward section was manufactured and installed, the boat was placed on display as a war memorial at the Maritime Self Defense Force Service School at Eta Jima.

    NHC Photo KN-2589

    NHC Photo NH-97251

    Eta Jima Link

Finally, two of the midget submarines of the three that attacked Sydney Harbor in May 1942 were recovered. Portions of these two boats were salvaged and used to create one midget submarine, that is now on display in Canberra, at the Australian War Memorial.

    Australian War Memorial Link

There are also a few wrecked Type-A midgets, although they can hardly be counted as "surviving" given their present state of decay.

I have only found one site with WW2 photographs of boats or portions of boats that still exist. That is on the Aleutian Island of Kiska, which was reoccupied by U.S. and Canadian forces in late 1943.  Three Type-A midgets were located on Kiska, in poor condition because the Japanese had set off the internal demolition charges before evacuating the island.  At least a portion of one of these three midgets is still rusting away on Kiska, although it is hardly recognizable now. I do not know what became of the remaining pieces of the three midgets.

Notice that the midget in the foreground of the linked photo (below) has the number "3" on the sail. It may be "3" or it may be "30" something.

    NHC Photo SC-189261

    National Park Service site with Kiska midget submarine information

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