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PostIcon Posted on: Sep. 26 2004,5:54   Ignore posts   QUOTE

General Short had positioned his AAA for just such an attack as occurred, to defend the most valueable targets.  The men and ammunition for these guns were not near the guns.  There was only one primary ammunition depot in the volcanic crater, and it would require hours to get ammunition to the guns.  As a result, the batteries did not fire, or did not fire early in the battle.

Short had requested funds for construction, including barracks and ammunition storage, long before December 7.  These funds were denied.

What I do not know is whether this request was, in any of its specifics, related to the AAA installations.  If it included barracks and ammunition storage immedately adjacent to these batteries, then this denial of funds is fundamental to the extent of the disaster.  The failure of Army AAA to fire is a major contributor to the result.

For Short to have placed his AAA gunners and ammunition in the field would have been a violation of his orders to not disclose intent and not alarm the civilian population.  Again, Washington tied his hands.

Any further information on the specifics of the aborted construction?
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