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Aloha All,
Ernie Arroyo, President of the Pearl Harbor History Associates, Inc., sent the following on a unique ship in Pearl Harbor:

The ex-Intrepid was built in 1904 as a steel hulled sail training vessel for the Navy and commissioned 16 Aug. 1907. She was unsuccessful in this capacity because of her poor sailing qualities. She served primarily as a barracks ship on the West Coast and was de-commissioned on 30 Aug. 1921 and sold in Dec. to private interests in Honolulu. The ex-Intrepid was acquired in 1941 and was first designated as a YF-331 and then changed over to YSR-42 to be used as a sludge removal barge during salvage operations after the attack. At wars end she was turned over to her original owners and eventually scrapped in Honolulu. She NEVER served in the Coast Guard. Once a commissioned Navy vessel is stricken from the register or list it is always referred to, and properly so, as ex-so-and-so no matter how it is used by the Navy as long as it is not re-commissioned.

The old de-commissioned cruiser at P.H. should be referred to as the hulk ex-Baltimore as well as the old tug ex-Navajo. Yard craft are placed in service but are not commissioned ships.

[Thanx, Ernie]
David Aiken


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