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PostIcon Posted on: Mar. 15 2003,1:43   Ignore posts   QUOTE

After a years worth of on and off research into Pearl Harbor,
and the attack on Hawaii. I still have a billion questions. So I
will start with some questions concerning West Loch, and
hope I can get some answers.

First I have a map from a site of Patrick Clanceys, entitled
moorings. Its a good map and gives mooring sites as they
were in 1942, after major changes were done in the harbor.
So I'm looking for a map which is more to the date of 07/12/41
and includes the West Loch area, RRs, Roads, ect. If anyone
could help me with this I'd appreciate it.

I'm also looking for the ships that were in West Loch that
fateful day. I know of the Pyro, old Navajo, and old Intrepid,
were there any others?  If so, what were their hull #s, and

Finally, I'm also trying to find the mooring stations that these
ships were at.  ie: I know that the Pyro was at the Munition
Wharf, but at which particular mooring, and where was the
old-Navajo in reference to it, ect. Could anybody give me
some help on this?  I'd appreciate it.

 This is all I have for now, I'm currently limited in how much
time I can spend on the computer, and thus on this site.
(until I get my own up and running, I have to use the local
Library's) But I do check in on my e-mails and now, on this
site, once a day Mon-sat.

Hope to get some good answers soon, and cover other areas
of interrest to me.

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Sam H.
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» Quick Reply Mooring locations of ships in west loch.
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