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The tanker Shiriya, which had been added to the Striking Force in an order intercepted Nov 14, radioed "proceeding to a position 30.00 N, 154.20 E. Expect to arrive at that point on 3 December."

End Quote:

In this misquote/disinformation item the following is noted:

Shiriya was added to the Midway Striking Force, not the Pearl Harbor Striking Force, by the Nov. 14th order.  There is no indication that this order was broadcast, coded or not.

The location given is WEST of Wake Island, closer to Japan than to Hawaii, or even Midway.

The actual text of the message gives the planned speed, 7 knots if I remember correctly, which is about 8 mph.  If Shiriya was well over 2,500 miles west of Hawaii on Dec. 3rd, and traveling 8 mph, the threat to Hawaii on Dec. 7th is not obvious.  (The part of the message containing the speed is withheld on the website I'm quoting because it doesn't suit the purpose of that writer to give all the facts.)

Much has been made about the "discovery" of this "revealing" message, but the promoters of this bit of fluff need to conceal the actual location of the ship, the fact that she was never intended to go anywhere near Hawaii, and the fact that given her location and speed she would still be in waters closer to Japan than Hawaii on Dec. 7th.

Analysis of other "proof" of a conspiracy reveals the same sort of deception and dishonesty.  This is necessary to avoid having the whole conspiracy house of cards from coming down.

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