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PostIcon Posted on: Mar. 05 2003,12:07  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   

Can anybody tell me what the Lurline logs RDF bearings were recorded as in degrees from Lurline together with the times and position of Lurline?

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No one can tell you Andrew, as Grogan's journal only mentions a vague direction and not bearings in degrees. Robert Stinnett mentions in "Day of Deceit" that "Grogan's account, quoted in this book, is based on a reconstruction of the missing log that he prepared for Matson Lines after Allen took possesion of the log."

From Toland's "Infamy" page 279:

So much of the signals reaching us on the SS Lurline were good enough to get good R.D.F. [Radio Direction Finding Bearings]. We noted that signals were being repeated back, possibly for copying by crafts with smaller antennas. The main body of signals ácame from a Northwest by West area, which from our second night from Los Angeles bound for Honolulu -- would be North and west of Honolulu.

His journal entry for Tuesday, December 3rd on page 280 is interesting:

"We get good Radio Direction FIndinder bearings, mostly coming from a Northwesterly direction from our position."

and then

"All this display means something--time will tell, and tonights Radio Detection Signals have come from a NW by W from Honolulu..."

If you'd like to look at maps of the tracks of the Kido Butai PHA has one posted here. If I'm reading this map correctly, by the time Grogan made his intercepts the Kido Butai was almost due North of Oahu and not Northwest, and definately now WNW as he seemed to think. Interestingly though, Hitokappu bay, where radio operators from the carriers were left to send out bogus traffic, is WNW from Oahu.

Let's see what this does...

Tracy White
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