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My first post after lurking for a while but I'm not sure if this is the correct location for it ? Its not exactly at Pearl Harbor but people seem to be talking about Honolulu here so, here goes ...

I have read on two US Coast Guard sites, that a shipping 'boom' of some sort was already deployed across the entrance to Honolulu Harbor on the morning of Dec.7'41.

Does anyone have any information on its type of construction, exact location, hours of operation, staffing, anchorage to shore etc. ?

Also looking for information wrt Honolulu Harbor pilots at that time. I know that the Dutch cargoliner 'Jagersfontein' entered Honolulu Harbor at approx. 0900 that morning with a US harbor pilot aboard ábut have no other details. Can anyone fill me in on the standard peacetime operating pilot procedures in effect for civilian harbors of the time ?

Also, can anyone sugest a URL or book source for information about other Hawaiian harbors existing on Dec.7'41 ? I am particularly interested in the Kaneohe Bay area of Oahu and any ports on the west coast of Oahu such as Mahaka or Waianae, etc. Water depths, pier lengths, maximum size of vessels that could enter, etc. ?

Any help at all, much appreciated.

Robert in Toronto
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