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Hi all - my grandfather passed away when I was younger and it appears that there is no one in the family that I can talk to about my grandfather's service. All I know is the little I remember hearing when I was a small child.

If any survivors frequent this site and recognise the name, please let me know. I am not "next of kin" and have very little info, so I don't believe I can contact the government for info.

Roland Allen Munden (went by Allen I believe).
Was at Pearl Harbor during the attack and received Purple Heart(s) for injuries received during the attack. I seem to remember hearing he had been injured saving a fellow soldier. I believe his ship was one of those sunk that day. I believe he may have been a photographer for the Navy. He had a large scrapbook of photos he had taken including some taken that day.

I am not sure where else his service may have taken him but I do remember that he had a Japanese rifle w/bayonet mounted on the wall at his house, which I think my uncle told me he had taken from a Japanese soldier he had taken prisoner.

I know that is very little to go on, I wish I had more. I also wish I could find out who had that big scrapbook he made of his military service, or who had his Purple Hearts and other medals, or who has that rifle.

Any information is welcome and appreciated. You can post here, or better yet email me at:

Daniel (Dallas, TX)
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