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A common rumor passed amongst Navy divers (and anyone else who would listen) for the past 60 years is that a second midget submarine is buried in Pearl Harbor. I first heard it when I was stationed on USS Proteus in 1976 from a friend who had taken diver training in Pearl the previous year. Burl Burlingame, who never allows research to get in the way of a good rumor, mentions this in his 1992 book, “Advance Force Pearl Harbor.”

The story generally goes that another Japanese midget submarine is buried in Pearl Harbor, and the U.S. Navy refuses to admit this for some reason.

Truth is that there really is another submarine buried in Pearl Harbor. Small, but not a midget, the 143-foot long USS F-4 (SS-23) sank with all hands in a diving accident off the coast of Oahu in March 1915. The Navy raised the F-4 but never repaired her. The hulk of the F-4 sat from 1915 until 1940, when they finally dug a trench and buried her in a quiet corner of Pearl Harbor. Everyone there heard about the F-4's burial of course. The F-4 and Midget B stories were combined over the years, finally evolving into the rumor that two Japanese midget submarines are buried in Pearl Harbor. You can read about the F-4 online at:

USS F-4 article

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