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PostIcon Posted on: Feb. 22 2004,1:09   Ignore posts is a free message board (although we do appreciate donations), but those of us who take our time to answer your questions have other lives, and we ask some simple requests to help us help you so that we all can have a happier experience in life.

* Please let us at least know your first name as it helps create a better atmosphere for conversation. It does not have to be in your screen name, maybe at the bottom of your post, etc.

* We dont' send info to e-mail addresses; we want to answer publically once so that in the future the answers to an asked question are already there. We want this to be a source for people to look up information primarily, and if they can't find it, to ask. We are here to help, but not do all the work.  As such we feel it's reasonable to expect that you make the effort to come back and read our responses.

* We answer questions; we won't write your thesis or outline. We may help pick your thesis, but only if you show that you have done at least a little research yourself beforehand.

* Please try and avoid vague questions. Although we recognize that it is hard to ask direct questions when confused and looking for help, it is also hard for us to answer vague questions as we can't tell exactly what answer you are looking for. For example, the statement "I want to know more about casualties at Pearl Harbor" would be hard to answer. Technically, a damanged ship can be considered a casualty. Both wounded and dead are casualties and can be lumped together or separated. There are records for the different services as well as countries. These are known facts, but the question doesn't readily indicate what facts are being sought.

Pearl Harbor is important to us. We are dedicated to teaching others while we ourselves continue to learn new aspects of the attack. But we all have other obligations in life and must balance  those obilagtions and make the best use of our limited time here.

Let's see what this does...

Tracy White
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