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PostIcon Posted on: Dec. 20 2008,10:22   Ignore posts   QUOTE

I was going through a box of old magazines and discovered that there were quite a few articles written in the past on the attack. In everyones opinion what are some of the best magazine articles out there in relation to the attack?

I know my friend David Aiken's article "Torpedoing Pearl Harbor" in the December '01 issue of Military History was fantastic in its detail in the torpedo and its use in the attack.

John DeVirgillio had an article "Japanese Thunderfish" back in 1991 in Naval History, but I can't locate my copy of it, and its been a long time since I read that. So my appologies John, but I can't rememebr how good it was.

Ken Hackler had a couple good articles on the Midget Submarines before his untimely passing. "The Mystery of Midget B" in World War II áJan 2002, and "Myths Surrounding the Midget Subs" in World War II's special on Pearl Harbor in 2001.

Just tossing it out there for discussion.


Chris Johnson
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