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Pearl Harbor - General Links
Battleship Row Links
Pearl Harbor Speeches and Hearings
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Pearl Harbor - General

Essential Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Remembered

PEARL HARBOR Thinkquest-Junior Team

Pearl Harbor Survivors Speak

National Geographic-Pearl Harbor

Great Pearl Harbor Attack Photos

A Day of Infamy

History Place - Pearl Harbor

The Myths of Pearl Harbor

Today in History - 12/7/41

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, '41 Casualty List

See A Photo Taken During the Bombings

Mining Company's Pearl Harbor links page Pearl Harbor Attack Audio Page

Pearl Harbor Tour of Historical Sites

Many images of Pearl Harbor Attack
Minute-by-Minute Account of the Attack Two letters from Admiral Kimmel detailing damage
The Ships that attacked Pearl Harbor and their fate Illustrated plans of the USS Arizona
Full Pearl Harbor Casualty List Map Route of Japanese Attackers
Marines at Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor - Official Movie Site's Pearl Harbor Gallery (with excellent message board!) Radio Days-A Soundbite History - Pearl Harbor
(Includes an outline of how radio handled the first hours of the bombing with live audio streams of the first radio bulletins!)
Pearl Harbor Hero - Survivor Story Pearl Harbor Child - Teacher's Guide Materials Available
The USO The History Net - Pearl Harbor
Remembering Pearl Harbor Intl. Journal of Naval History


Battleship Row & Related Resources


Pearl Harbor Speeches/Hearings/Documents

Pearl Harbor Memorial Address '91 (50th Anniversary) Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings
President Roosevelt's Address to Congress
(Asking for a Declaration of a State of War between the United States and Japan, December 8, 1941)
President Roosevelt's Address to Congress
(Requesting recognition of a State of War existing between the United States and Germany and the United States and Italy, December 11, 1941)
Prime Minister Winston Churchill's Broadcast on War with Japan
(December 8, 1941)
Brief Report of Attack
Memo from Kimmel to Stark, dated 12/12/41
Memorandum of a Conversation [The Secretary of State with Nomura and Kurusu], December 7, 1941. From Japan, 1931-1941, Vol. II, pp. 786-87. Memorandum Handed by the Japanese Ambassador (Nomura) to the Secretary of State at 2:20 P.M. on December 7, 1941 [The "Fourteen Part" Message].


Reunion Associations


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