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In Association with HistoryChannel.comWe are pleased to now be able to offer you a wonderful selection of Pearl Harbor/WWII items from our Affiliate - A&E/The History Channel.  You can receive additional information and order online by clicking on the item of your choice. Network MemberWe are also very proud to announce our membership into The History Channel's exclusive Network of Best History Sites on the Web.  We will continue to provide only the most accurate information possible on the attack of Pearl Harbor.

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historychannelpearlharbor.gif (25593 bytes)Pearl Harbor VHS set

This definitive chronicle draws on extraordinary, first-person accounts from both sides and gripping footage of the attack and its aftermath.

150.00 minutes
Specially Packaged Set of 3 Videos.



The World War II MemorialThe World War II Memorial

Former presidents Gerald Ford and George Bush share their thoughts about the creation of a memorial to those who served in WWII.


Unsung Heroes Of Pearl HarborUnsung Heroes Of Pearl Harbor

Here are stories of courage and sacrifice, long overshadowed by the defeat of the "day that will live in infamy."


Air Combat: WWII: The Race to Rule the Skies  Air Combat: WWII: The Race to Rule the Skies

From the storied planes at the center of the greatest WWII battles to the jets that were too late to affect the conflict, here is the story of the rush to build the perfect warplane.

Great Blunders of WWII setGreat Blunders of WWII set

The collector's set of the acclaimed HISTORY CHANNEL series exposes the disastrous decisions of World War II. Includes the German Blunder at Dunkirk and The Pilot Who Bombed London. 208 mins.; 4 videos.

 Great Blunders of WWII DVD set


One Hour Over Tokyo: The Doolittle RaidOne Hour Over Tokyo: The Doolittle Raid

Hear from the survivors of the daring raid that helped restore American morale after Pearl Harbor.



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